Headquarters Office

1810 East Elm Street • Jefferson City, MO 65101
Phone (573) 634-3202 • Toll free (800) 392-0236 • Fax (573) 634-5645
The MNEA Headquarters office is open weekdays 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.


 Direct Line
President        Phil Murray  (573) 644-9606
Vice President  Rebeka McIntosh  (573) 644-9606

Executive Administrative Assistant/ ROAA-Students Roxane Bly  (573) 644-9606


Executive Director  DeeAnn Aull (573) 644-9612 



Associate Manager  Pam Koetting (573) 644-9601


Chief Financial Officer Karen Struemph (573) 644-9617 
Business Coordinator Amy Wolters (573) 644-9607 
Business Coordinator/Specialist Mike Clark (573) 644-9602
Business Technician/Business Specialist Becky Rackers (573) 644-9614 
Executive Administrative Assistant /Information Specialist (E.D. and C.F.O) / ROAA-Unit 18 Sandy Smith (573) 644-9608 


Field Manager - East
(based in the St. Louis Regional Office) 
Patrick Layden (314) 584-1302
Field Manager - West, MNEA-Retired Liason
(based in the Kansas City Regional Office)
Chastity "Chas" Young (816) 548-4357
Regional/UniServ Office Staff Directory>>  


Associate General Council
(based in the Kansas City Regional Office)
Vincenzo Iuppa  (816) 255-1706
Legal Services Specialist/Executive Administrative Assistant
(based in the St. Louis Regional Office)
Tracy Flaherty  (314) 584-1305


Communications Director Mark Jones  (573) 644-9609
Electronic Communications and Research Coordinator Rishanda Richardson  (573) 644-9621 


Teaching & Learning Director Ann Jarrett  (573) 644-9625 
Administrative Assistant (Communications, Teaching & Learning, Central UniServ Unit 13)   Laurie Bernskoetter  (573) 644-9623


Legislative Director Otto Fajen  (573) 644-9618 
Political Director
Elizabeth "Liz" Zerr  (573) 644-9610
Executive Administrative Assistant/Information Specialist / Central UniServ Unit 18 Sandy Smith  (573) 644-9608 

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Get the latest information at www.mnea.org/coronavirus.

Share your story

Even though we are not at school supporting Missouri students, members continue to help every day during this crisis. MNEA wants to share your stories as we struggle through the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are hearing about members who are continuing to care for their students by

  • volunteering at school district Grab & Go meal distribution centers and food drives
  • providing child care for essential medical staff
  • shopping for the elderly so they don’t have to leave the safety of their homes

Your stories help show that educators don’t stop caring. Please send your stories with pictures to MNEA at coronavirus@mnea.org, so we can share them. You can post to social media, making sure you tag @MissouriNEA and use the hashtags  #MNEAheroes and  #MNEAprotects.