Your input needed on the Education Transformation Task Force Paper

Missouri NEA’s Education Transformation Task Force is seeking your input on their draft paper. The brief proposes that the following eight core areas need to be examined collaboratively by all parties who have a stake in public education.
1.       School Readiness Programs & Services
2.       Workforce quality
3.       Conditions of Teaching and Learning
4.       Parent and Community Involvement in Pre K-12 Education
5.       Quality Curriculum and Standards
6.       Higher Education
7.       Accountability and Student Assessment
8.       Funding for Education & Schools - The Bedrock of Successful School Systems
Please take some time to read the paper and respond to the questions.  Your feedback is needed as we prepare the brief to be presented to the delegates at the MNEA Representative Assembly, spring 2011.

Posted Date: 11/29/2010
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